Termini e condizioni

Chapter 1


  • Contract: The rules of conduct include the terms and conditions of the iFreeNEX Activity and define the rights, duties and responsibilities of each person in charge. The rules of conduct are intended to protect the interests of all those involved and iFreeNEX. Together with iFreeNEX's additional policies, the Code of Conduct is an integral part of the Contract of the Agent and is expressly included as part of the foregoing, by reference to the Contract that new entrants subscribe and submit to iFreeNEX, namely the Appointment and Appointment Application . All those involved must observe the obligation of good faith and fairness in transactions, in accordance with the terms of the contract of the agent.
  • Subject of the contract of the agent: Under the contract, the agent has the right to promote iFreeNEX products and services for the purpose of selling or buying personal, has the opportunity to sponsor others, to earn bonuses through our system of Advertising companies that are assisted and other remunerations within the iFreeNEX Sales and Marketing Plan and can get qualifications and awards. Eligibility for awards, remunerations and awards is subject to compliance with the Terms of Agreement, including the Rules of Conduct and iFreeNEX Policies.
  • Contractual clauses of the contractor: The contractor has the right to promote the sale of iFreeNEX products and services and to sponsor other contractors. For the term of the Contract (which expires in cases of serious violations of the Contract), the person in charge has his / her position in the Sponsorship Line, has the right to benefit from the development of the Sponsorship Line, may receive bonuses and remuneration on the basis of IFreeNEX Marketing and Sales plan and is entitled to qualify for prizes, prizes and rewards in accordance with contractual terms, including iFreeNEX Terms of Service and Policies.
  • Changes: iFreeNEX may at its discretion, based on market changes or serious violations of users who do not work with Ethics and Honesty, make changes to this contract to protect and defend their interests and those of all users. Changes will also be announced to those who hold the appointment of Diamond and International Director by means of preventive advice to discuss and evaluate the changes needed to pursue the company to protect its agents and companies that support it. Such changes will also be enforced in accordance with applicable laws and in accordance with any country in which iFreeNEX will operate. All changes will be made effective 15 days after the publication to give the user the opportunity to assimilate the new changes.
  • Divisibility Clause: If a rule in force or a rule section is to be declared void by a court or other authority, this measure will not affect the validity of the remaining Rules of Conduct and Policies.
  • Nothing contained in this document may prejudice the rights of a Duties to take advantage of the protections that the person in charge can not give up.
Chapter 2

Become a Representative

  • Contractor's Agreement: To become a representative, the candidate accepts by virtue of this contract which is in all legal respects as it is online and downloadable through PDF and to pay a fixed annual membership fee and a one-off membership of €. 20.00 the first time and the following year of €. 50.00 per annum, as a flat-rate reimbursement for the administrative services it provides renewable from year to year. IFreeNEX pays an incoming bonus for your sub agents as a pay plan for only agents who will only be paid once to give everyone the opportunity to start working and earn and then switch to the next step from €. 40.00 at the official launch of the company.
  • Rule of 35%: The company to recognize more substantial earnings to its agents has devised a plan called Bonus d'Incentivo, which consists in retaining at the time of claiming its earnings a sum of 35% required where it will go A personal fund of the user who will be able to reach the required amount to enter the next plan until all plans are reached to grow the whole network much faster and above all more profitable as explained in this example:
    • Official entry with € 20,00: When you enter the official close-up of € .20,00 everything that is created by your own gain and that of your own network, the automatic system will go up the next floor so that it does not There is only an initial expense on the upcoming plan, but there is also a real gain so that it can always be in the lead, so to get into the $ 40.00 plan the system will account for at least 35% The user can always withdraw his earnings, so in any case he will always be positive. With this system, your career will be faster and you will gain more and more because the whole network under your sponsor will do the same and consequently the day after you have already recovered your spending and earnings will increase considerably. This rule applies to all plans up to that of € .1500.00 where the payment will be 100%.
    • The agent in charge of unlocking bonuses from the work of the advertising companies of the companies that iFreeNEX will help will have to sell a product equivalent to the plan where it is and in case of sales difficulties it can of course buy it and sell it separately So you can perceive the accumulated earnings in your back office. Those in charge may, at their own discretion, enter the top floor as soon as they reach the sum of the next plan without necessarily waiting to make it the system, which will speed up everybody's career that works in iFreeNEX and each responsible person has to take care To explain this to his network so that everyone, doing the same thing, will speed up their professional growth. Of course, when it comes to sales, if the balance had to be lower than the plan in that month, the only way to unlock the bonuses is to sell the product equal to its plan, but if the product could not be sold and the gain is lower The plan you are then will be aggregated in the following month, as there is no obligation to spend, but as a commissioner, you are free to sell or buy the product to unlock your bonuses.
  • Requirements to Become Representative: Premising that whoever enters iFreeNEX enters full of his mental faculties, the Registrar acknowledges that iFreeNEX does not oblige him to enter and does not oblige anyone to do the same, so whoever enters and accepts that contract will do it cognizantly Knowing about which rules the company works and that iFreeNEX was born primarily for
  • Help families and companies in a severe economic crisis and set up their career plan precisely on unlocking the bills resulting from the sale or personal purchase that is NOT OBLIGATORY but consensual to the rules imposed by iFreeNEX. In order to act as a perpetrator, he / she must have legal capacity, that is, at least 18 years of age or older in countries where he or she becomes over 18 years of age and capable of understanding and wanting so that he or she can conduct an online business activity Hire binding contractual obligations; Be duly authorized to engage in professional activities in accordance with any applicable law in your country.
  • Sponsoring Practices: The activity in iFreeNEX must be presented as an activity that offers equal opportunities and is open to all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, nationality, religious or political beliefs. No potential Affiliate, as a condition of becoming a person in charge or any other person in charge, as a condition for receiving assistance for the development of your iFreeNEX business, may be obliged to:
    • Purchase a predetermined quantity of products or services
    • Keep a minimum quantity of products
    • Purchase Support Material that iFreeNEX will provide to each person in charge
  • Duration and term of the contract: The contract has a duration of one year and is tacitly renewed from time to time by renewing the Membership fee of € .50,00 this, also as a flat fee for the administrative and Internet services provided by us, As well as for updating tax documentation and site processing. Again in this case, the company still recognizes bonuses stemming from the renewal of the contract and also in this case a one-off payment according to the compensation plan. In the case of non-renewal, the agent will be canceled and his entire network will go to the top grade. It will be announced several times through corporate mail to remind you of the annual membership fee, but it will still be time to pay it within one month after the deadline, in case of serious need not be present on the site, but will be frozen His back office until he is paid for Membership and therefore will not be able to work and earn from his job.
  • Contract Resolution: A Contractor may terminate his Agreement at any time with immediate effect in writing. In turn, iFreeNEX may terminate the Agreement for serious and intentional breach of the Code of Conduct and Policy set forth in this Agreement in all applicable rules. IFreeNEX reserves the right to first hear the person in charge of resolving the issue peacefully, if there is no agreement and iFreeNEX has been hurt in both economic and moral terms, iFreeNEX reserves the right to intervene legally, where it is enunciated A pardon by the agent toward iFreeNEX asking for the damages in the form in which they were damaged and immediately blocking the back office funds on a guard until the dispute was resolved.
Chapter 3

General Responsibilities of Representative

A person in charge must always behave professionally, kindly, respectfully, and carry out the iFreeNEX business by adopting a responsible and financially sound behavior. The person in charge should never put pressure on the company's operating mode, or adopt marketing or sales strategies or misleading or fraudulent work proposals, with considerable gains making the minimum necessary. The agent should always point out that iFreeNEX has a Mission Ethics where earnings are generated by the sale or purchase of products that iFreeNEX will make available to its agents and from the business advertising work that will divulge to make known the Companies that are in trouble, unlocking these gains, selling or buying personalized products.

  • Contractual implications: Those responsible must comply with the responsibilities and meet the requirements set forth in the iFreeNEX Rules of Conduct and Policies.
  • Communication of violations: The person in charge must promptly inform iFreeNEX about any information regarding the actual, alleged or threatened violation of the Contract of the Insured, including the Rules and Policies of iFreeNEX or any laws or regulations in force by a Other person in charge. Collaborate with any iFreeNEX inquiries in accordance with the procedures as governed by the iFreeNEX Rules.
Chapter 4

Responsibilities and Obligations of Sponsors

  • The sponsor is obliged to help the sponsored agent directly through all the official material provided by the company to use with the new entrusted.
  • The Sponsor will have to provide individual training to his / her job manager to prepare for this job so that he can be able to go on his own in a short time, that if he is fit, he will help the sponsor grow even more.
  • Do your best to ensure that personally sponsored contractors fully respect the Contractor's Terms, including the iFreeNEX Terms of Service and Policies and all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Do your best to encourage personally sponsored people to participate in all activities and meetings as well as online and offline conferences in order to have a professional growth appropriate to the type of work that is done with iFreeNEX.

On the economic turnover generated by the recruited directors (direct and indirect pay-per-effects, generated by their own work), the earnings are recognized as provided for in the Compensation Plan in force which the person in charge declares to be well-informed. This plan can be changed by iFreeNEX at any time by posting it on the official website

No consideration, bonus or commission will be recognized in relation to the activity of mere and exclusive sponsorship or recruitment of other persons, if not only for the first registration and annual renewal, always with corresponding remuneration, all the rest is generated by the sale or personal purchase from the companies concerned.

With the termination of the letter of appointment it will cease all rights to maturity and payment of remuneration.

Compensation will be settled on accounts visible on the site, Iban or personal account of the agent. IFreeNEX reserves the right to vary the payment methods at any time by notifying the person in charge without any special formality.

The Accounts Documents

Upon acceptance of this document, the Authorizing Officer authorizes iFreeNEX to issue invoices or receipts of remuneration related to the Sales Agent's activities within the terms of the applicable laws of each country

The information regarding the processing of personal data

Data processing will be carried out by means of appropriate security and confidentiality tools, and can also be carried out by means of automated tools for storing, managing and transmitting the data. The iFreeNEX data may also be communicated, following inspections, verifications or requests, to the Financial Administration and to the Bodies / Organizations responsible for verifications and controls regarding the regular fulfillment of civil / tax obligations of each country.

It should be noted that: the processing of the data referred to above is compulsory and essential for the performance of the law's obligations and / or your adherence to the use of our services and the regular fulfillment of the contractual obligations and for the purposes of The exact fulfillment of the civil and fiscal obligations under the current legislation. Your data will be processed up to its contrary provision which will have to be disclosed directly to our controller of the electronically domiciled, for this office, at the registered office of the Company, and this with regard to Italy. For other countries we will stick to the laws of reference. By accepting this document, you agree to the use of your personal / sensitive information for the purposes described in the above-mentioned information.


Any dispute arising in connection with the application of this private writing will be the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the country where it operates ifreenex ltd, that is in Malta ...

IFreeNEX reserves the right to change in whole or in part this contract where it would be necessary to reformulate in the event of changes in the market and market changes that are conducive to the company and to continue to provide support to the whole IFreeNEX network, for the sole purpose of continuing to work and enabling the agent to work and earn with the company.


Acceptance of this agreement binds the end user to comply with all of the terms in this contract. In the event of a violation of even one of the rules imposed, it gives iFreeNEX the right to block or close the account after prior investigation to accept its effective liability of a representative.

The Contractor has the right to withdraw from this contract by law no later than 14 days from signing up on the site, where by ticking it adheres to the rules and policies of iFreeNEX where will be refunded the cost of enrollment to our site.